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Finger Lakes, (NY) [G1083]

Finger Lakes Gravity (NY)

Survey Size: Approximately 50 by 55 km Data Spacing: Along roads at 0.8 km (0.5 mile) station spacing. Stations: Total of 2,354 stations. Instrumentation: Instrument drift and tidal corrections and elevation (free air) were applied, and a full terrain correction procedure was undertaken with a density range varying from 2.4 to 2.67 g/cm3. Data Provided: …

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South-Central New York [A1045]

South-Central New York

In 1999 PRJ flew a high-definition aeromagnetic survey in south-central New York that covers the current area of exploration for Trenton-Black River gas reservoirs. The survey covers an area of over 2.2 million acres. Survey Size: 13,675 line miles Flight Lines: North-south, 1/3-mile line spacing Tie Lines: East-west, 1-mile line spacing Elevation: 500 feet above …

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Northwest New York [A1030]

Northwest New York State

In 1999 the Canadian Geological Survey flew an aeromagnetic survey that covered a portion of northwestern New York State. The survey was released in 2000, and EDCON-PRJ has reprocessed the data and produced a suite of derivative and filter products. An interpretation is also available. Survey Size: 13,703 miles Flight Lines: East-West, ½- and 1-mile …

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East-Central New York [A1012]

East-Central New York

Survey Size: 5,154 miles Flight Lines: East-West, ½-mile spacing Tie Lines: North-South, 1-mile spacing Elevation: 500 feet above ground level Instrumentation: High-sensitivity, optically pumped magnetometer Date Flown: 1999 Data Provided: Total Magnetic Intensity (IRGF removed) contour map Flight Path Map Reduced-To-Pole of TMI map Vertical Derivative map (optional) Horizontal Gradient (optional) Profiles, on paper (optional) …

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