Our Company

EDCON-PRJ, Inc. was formed in 2006 with the merger of EDCON Inc. and PRJ Inc. For over 45 years, these companies have provided world-wide, high-quality gravity and magnetic data acquisition, processing, and interpretation services for the petroleum and mining exploration industry, and the scientific community.


To provide superior-quality gravity and magnetic data and interpretations that lead to enhanced geologic insight while continually improving our processes through the evolution of technology in instrumentation, acquisition, processing, and interpretation.



The first step to a successful geophysical program is to place state of the art instrumentation in the hands of experienced and dedicated technicians. Better measurements with less noise and advanced processing results in higher information content and greater value for geologic decisions.

State of the Art Equipment: We feature LaCoste and Romberg and Lockheed Martin BGM5 marine gravity meters and Geometrics and SeaSpy magnetometers. We utilize the Pico Envirotec AGRS Advanced Gamma Ray Spectrometer for our radiometric surveys.

Highly Trained Technicians: Our equipment operators are a dedicated group of professionals with extensive training in electronics and geophysical data acquisition. In addition to the scientific skills needed for accurate data acquisition, they have all undergone rigorous safety training to ensure compliance with marine or worksite regulations.

Advanced Processing: In the forty-five years EDCON-PRJ has been processing gravity and magnetic data, we have continuously upgraded and improved our own suite of processing software that outperforms “off the shelf” processing software used by many of our competitors. Our exclusive software capabilities keep us on the cutting edge of geophysical data processing.


EDCON-PRJ delivers reliability through attention to quality in every step of every project. In short, we do what we say we will do when we say we will do it. EDCON-PRJ is widely respected for its reliable mobilization, completion, and processing of marine, land, and airborne surveys anywhere in the world. The keys to our reliability are:

Extensive Knowledge: Understanding of how best to apply resources to solve the geologic problem and the ability to create new resources when needed.

Timely Execution: Rapid mobilization, efficient acquisition and processing, minimum downtime, speedy resolution of problems, and delivery when the information is most valuable.

Effective communication: Between EDCON-PRJ, its clients and their seismic contractors, as well as between field acquisition teams and the support of our home office.


Results are what matters to our clients and therefore to us. To match our services to your needs for making timely and accurate geologic decisions, EDCON-PRJ focuses on:

Timeliness: Delivery at the right time and place and in the right form to have impact on geologic decisions.

Products: The delivery of geologically meaningful detail that will help solve exploration and production problems.

Credibility: Our processors analyze final data to access a reliable potential. We are aware of the extent and work with gravity and magnetic data resolution in different environments.