Airborne Data Acquisition

EDCON-PRJ provides comprehensive assistance from the initial design of the survey through the final interpretation to clients planning airborne surveys. Services include survey planning, gravity, magnetic and radiometric data acquisition, data processing, and interpretation.

Marine Data Acquisition

Since its founding in 1970, EDCON-PRJ has continued to advance the science of measuring gravity and magnetic fields at sea by developing and applying creative and innovative technology. Among its accomplishments are development of improved instrumentation and data recording. These enhancements have led to the acquisition of higher-resolution data. The improved field data have driven EDCON-PRJ’s data processing advancement.

Data Processing

High-quality processing is the key to turning gravity and magnetic data into useful information for geologic decisions. EDCON geophysicists have innovated many of this industry’s vital processing steps and thus are both exceptionally experienced and ideally qualified to help solve exploration and production problems. 

Integrated Interpretation

From the early stages of exploration to prospect evaluation, integrated gravity and magnetic interpretations contribute to more effective exploration.  Such interpretations aid in preplanning seismic surveys and serve as an independent check on seismic interpretations in difficult areas.  They also provide the basis for an integrated approach to determination of density, verification of basement, information on fault offsets, and much more.

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Land Gravity Acquisition

EDCON-PRJ provides CG-5 rentals and collaborates with Magee Geophysical Services to provide land gravity surveys with optimum survey specifications and processing procedures.