Data Processing

Setting New Standards for Innovation & Data Quality

High-quality processing is the key to turning gravity and magnetic data into useful information for geologic decisions. EDCON-PRJ geophysicists have innovated many of this industry’s vital processing steps and thus are both exceptionally experienced and ideally qualified to help solve exploration and production problems.

To meet customer needs, EDCON-PRJ processes data acquired both by its own crews and by others, EDCON-PRJ has developed portable processing facilities for work to be completed at remote sites or in clients’ offices. This flexibility provides more responsive services while satisfying restrictions on data movement and confidentiality.

EDCON-PRJ Data Processing

Working with EDCON-PRJ

EDCON-PRJ Data Services

EDCON-PRJ provides interactive processing for speed and accuracy in data entry, review, reduction and display. Its unique processing algorithms and capabilities handle the high-resolution data from Marine Gravity, Airborne Gravity and Aeromagnetic data acquisition systems, including:

EDCON-PRJ provides supervision by experienced geophysicists to ensure the highest possible quality. Our software engineers are available to handle unusual formats or special processing requirements. We partner closely with clients during processing to assure that all needs are fully met in a timely manner. In addition, we reprocess older datasets and can Integrate land, airborne and marine data into uniformly processed databases; satellite gravity and EGM08 are used to establish a regional datum and anomaly control.