Marine Data Acquisition

Advancing the Science of Measuring Gravity & Magnetic Fields at Sea

Marine gravity and magnetic acquisition

EDCON-PRJ uses the best gravity and magnetic instrumentation available in combination with advanced data processing techniques to yield the optimum geologic information for every project. EDCON-PRJ has developed specifications for the acquisition and processing of marine gravity and magnetic data which have been adopted by many client companies world-wide.

Among its accomplishments are development of improved instrumentation and data recording. These enhancements have led to the acquisition of higher-resolution data. The improved field data have driven EDCON-PRJ’s data processing advancement.


Stand-Alone Surveys

EDCON-PRJ Marine data acquisition

Operating in stand-alone mode on a dedicated gravity and/or magnetic survey vessel or working in concert with seismic, EM, ROV or other types of hydrographic surveys on client vessels, EDCON-PRJ provides personnel and equipment worldwide to meet the unique requirements of every marine survey situation. In the Gulf of Mexico, EDCON-PRJ has acquired over 115,000 line-km of stand-alone surface-ship gravity and magnetic data. EDCON-PRJ has also completed stand-alone marine gravity and magnetic surveys in many other parts of the world, including:

Client Vessel Surveys

The majority of marine gravity and/or magnetic data are collected in conjunction with other survey methods. Most marine gravity and magnetic survey work takes place as an addition to seismic surveys, but marine gravity and/or magnetic data are also collected on EM surveys, ROV projects, multi-beam bathymetric surveys, and other hydrographic projects.


Marine Gravity Meters

Micro-G Marine S-Meter going through testing at EDCON-PRJ’s shop

Base Station Magnetometers