Land Gravity Acquisition

EDCON-PRJ land gravity services make full use of DGPS surveying technology and available DEM’s for terrain correction, thus assuring the highest quality surveys.  Land gravity data acquired with DGPS and DEM terrain corrections are typically of significantly higher quality than most legacy surveys.  The added geologic detail revealed by modern surveys compared to legacy surveys is often dramatic.

We collaborate closely with Magee Geophysical Services to conduct relative gravity surveys using Scintrex CG-5 (0.001 mGal resolution) and Lacoste and Rhomberg Model-G (0.01 mGal resolution) gravity meters. These instruments record variations in Earth’s gravitational field, at ground level, which are used to detect density contrasts within the Earth. We use geodetic-grade GPS (real-time and post-processed) to achieve centimeter positioning accuracy for all gravity measurements.

EDCON-PRJ also has CG-5 meters available for rental. Please contact us for more details.