Alaska Peninsula Survey [G1058]

Survey Size:
Alaska Peninsula

Alaska Peninsula

Approximately 7,000 square miles; 1,609 helicopter stations from EDCON’s Bristol Bay Survey, 908 stations from the USGS gravity data base, 3,013 helicopter stations from the Strata Search survey.

Data Spacing:


Terrain Corrections:

Through Hayford-Bowie Zone J

Project Summary:

USGS stations have been terrain-corrected and integrated with the EDCON and Strata Search data. If Strata Search data are not owned, the EDCON/USGS data are available as a separate integrated package. Editing performed during hand-contouring has produced high-quality Bouguer gravity maps.

Data Provided:
  • Bouguer Gravity Map (scale 1:96,000): Gravity data are tied to the Worldwide Defense Mapping Agency base station gravity network.
  • Magnetic tape and computer printout containing all principal survey facts including: station number, date surveyed, latitude, longitude, UTM X-coordinate, UTM Y-coordinate, elevation, terrain correction, station gravity, free-air gravity and Bouguer gravity calculated with three densities
  • Reports
Total Cost

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Ownership of EDCON and Strata Search data. Companies that do not own both data sets may participate in the integration and receive the portion of the integrated maps and tapes over areas owned.

PDF  PDF:  G1058_ak_alaska_peninsula