Lustre-Tule Creek Fields, MT [A1021]

Survey Size:
Lustre-Tule Creek Fields Area, (MT)

Lustre-Tule Creek Fields Area, (MT)

2,424 miles

Flight Lines:

East-West, 1-mile spacing

Tie Lines:

North-South, 20-mile spacing


1,000 feet above ground level


Geometrics G-803 magnetometer

Date Flown:

March, 1984

Data Provided:
  • Total Magnetic Intensity (IRGF removed) contour map
  • Flight Path Map
  • Reduced-To-Pole of TMI map
  • Vertical Derivative map (optional)
  • Horizontal Gradient (optional)
  • Profiles, on paper (optional)
  • CD/DVD with Flight Line data and grids
Total Cost:

Please contact for quote.

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