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North-Eastern Nevada [A1025]

Most of Nevada is covered by proprietary, nonexclusive aeromagnetic data flown between 1978 and 1988. These aeromagnetic data are superior to those available in the public domain for several reasons. The surveys were flown to uniform specifications; the profile data are available and are in digital form; the surveys were flown on a square grid,

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Wind River Basin, (WY) [A1057]

Survey Size: 14,800 miles Flight Lines: N45-E, 3,700-foot spacing Tie Lines: N45-W, 5-mile spacing Elevation: 7,000 feet barometric Instrumentation: Cesium Vapor magnetometer Date Flown: April to June, 1998 Data Provided: Total Magnetic Intensity (IRGF removed) contour map Flight Path Map Reduced-To-Pole of TMI map Vertical Derivative map (optional) Horizontal Gradient (optional) Profiles, on paper (optional)

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