NPRA Survey [G1062]

Survey Size:
NPRA Survey

NPRA Survey

5,000 square miles; approximately 4,000 stations acquired by helicopter with inertial surveying; approximately 10,000 stations (public data)

Data Spacing:

5,900 foot grid

Terrain Corrections:

Through Hayford-Bowie Zone J

Data Provided:
  • Magnetic tape and computer printout containing all principal survey facts including: station number, date surveyed, latitude, longitude, UTM X-coordinate, UTM Y-coordinate, elevation, terrain correction, station gravity, free-air gravity, and Bouguer gravity calculated for three densities.
  • Both the helicopter-acquired data and the publicly available data have been terrain corrected and integrated
  • Report describing data acquisition and reduction
  • Bouguer Gravity Map at a scale of 1″ = 8,000′; station location map. Gravity data are tied to the Worldwide Defense Mapping Agency base station gravity network
Total Cost:

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PDF PDF: G1062_ak_npra_survey