Chukchi Marine Sea Ice (AK) [G1065]

Survey Size:
Cukchi Marine Sea Ice

Cukchi Marine Sea Ice

Gravity: 61,939 km
Magnetics: 48,427 km

Line Spacing:

5 km, average

Survey Date:

1980 through 1986

Deliverable products include:
  • Line Data: principal survey facts, including navigation, bathymetry, and observed and processed gravity and magnetic data
  • Gridded data: marine-acquired bathymetry, free-air, 3-D Bouguer gravity, and magnetic anomaly
  • Maps: Paper plots and pdf format image files: Free-air gravity, 3-D Bouguer anomaly, Magnetic anomaly, Bathymetry

Maps and grids will incorporate public domain onshore gravity data (in NPRA area) as shown on attached map (Figure 1b) as well as the following public data sets to the extent they are located within the Project Area (Figure 1).

  • IBCAO bathymetry
  • Arctic Project Gravity Data
  • GEOSCAN open file 3125 Magnetic Data

Paper maps and pdf images will be delivered at scale 1:750,000 in the area of the Chukchi Sea marine data and at 1:1,000,000 for regional maps incorporating public data sets.


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PDF  PDF: G1065_ak_chukchi_marine