North Chukchi Sea Ice Survey (AK) [G1066]

Survey Size:
North Cukchi Sea Ice

North Cukchi Sea Ice

Eight profiles, 517 gravity stations acquired by helicopter using inertial surveying; 512 stations on the North Chukchi Sea Ice, 5 stations on land

Line Spacing:

Data were acquired at 3-mile intervals along 8 profiles spaced 40 miles apart

Survey Date:

Spring 1986

Deliverable products include:
  • Three-dimensional Bouguer correction applied
  • Maps (scale 1:500,000): Station Location Map, hand-contoured Bouguer Map of profile data and computer-contoured Bouguer Map
  • Digital data and computer printout containing all principal survey facts including: station number, date surveyed, latitude, longitude, UTM X-coordinate, UTM Y-coordinate, elevation, terrain correction, station gravity, free-air gravity and Bouguer gravity calculated with three densities

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PDF PDF: G1066_ak_north_chukchi_sea_ice