Eastern Great Basin Nevada [A1015]

Most of Nevada is covered by proprietary, nonexclusive aeromagnetic data flown between 1978 and 1988.

These aeromagnetic data are superior to those available in the public domain for several reasons. The surveys were flown to uniform specifications; the profile data are available and are in digital form; the surveys were flown on a square grid, not just east-west as were most of those in the public domain; processing of the data is state-of-the-art.

Flight Date:

November 1978 – April 1979

Line Mileage:


Flight Direction:

East-West and North-South

Traverse Interval:

1.5 miles by 1.5 miles

Flight Altitude:

8,500 ft barometric with 1000-ft drape over the ranges

Location Systems:

Singer SKK 1000 Doppler, Singer SKQ-601 Computer and Sperry C-12 Gyro Stabilized Compass


GeoMetrics Model G-803 Proton Magnetometer with 0.5-gamma sensitivity (sample rate at 50 meters)

Data Provided:
  • CD-ROM with digital profile data and grids of Total Magnetic Intensity (IGRF removed) and Reduced-to-Pole Total Magnetic Intensity
  • Additional filter and operator products and maps available

Call for quotation

Minimum Purchase:

One 30-minute quadrangle, approximately 1,250 line miles

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PDF Map: EasternGreatBasin

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