Gulf Of Mexico – Northeast Gulf [G1095]

Survey Size:
Northeast Gulf

Northeast Gulf

3 x 10 miles between 2,000 and 6,000 ft. water depths; 6 x 20 miles for water depths greater than 6,000 feet

Line Spacing:

Line Spacing: 1 x 5 mile grid over ⅔ of survey area. 3 x 10 mile and 6 x 20 mile coverage in some of the deeper water areas.

Survey Dates:


Data Provided:
  • Pdf Maps (scales 1:192,000 and 1:500,000) hard copy available on request: Bathymetry, Terrain-corrected Bouguer Gravity, Free-Air Gravity, Total Magnetic Intensity
  • Profiles of each survey line: bathymetry, observed and processed gravity, Eötvös correction, total magnetic intensity, base station magnetics
  • Magnetic Tape: one-minute samples of observed and processed data, including navigation
  • Interpretation: structural and tectonic interpretation of basement and sedimentary structures based on gravity, magnetic and published geologic and seismic data
  • Maps: High-Density Basement, Magnetic Basement, Tectonic Interpretation, Reduced-to-Pole Total Magnetic Intensity (RTP), Regional Gravity, Residual Gravity, Second Vertical Derivatives (SVD) of RTP Magnetics and Residual Gravity
  • Magnetic Tape: mapped data on 6,000-foot grid interval of observed and interpreted data
  • Report
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PDF PDF:  G1095_G1097_intl_gulf_of_mexico