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Well Location Surveys using UAV

We have recently joined forces with Juniper Unmanned, a Golden Colorado-based company to provide ultrahigh-resolution drone-based surveys for abandoned well and pipeline location services. Juniper Unmanned is a premier operator of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) with advanced sensing technologies. Juniper Unmanned provides premier drone solutions for commercial, federal, state, and military organizations. The company integrates

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Radiometrics – What Are Gamma Rays and How Can They Help Me Find Resources?

Gamma Rays are a naturally occurring product of radioactive decay in the crust of the Earth.  Gamma Ray particles emanating from the surface of the Earth can be sampled and classified through spectrometric methods to reveal their individual source elements. Only three of these elements, Uranium, Potassium and Thorium, are abundant enough on Earth’s surface

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Albion-Scipio Fault Trend (IN, MI, OH) [A1001]

Survey Size: 12,100 miles Flight Lines: East-West, ½-mile spacing Tie Lines: North-South, 6-mile spacing Elevation: 2,000 feet barometric Instrumentation: Geometrics G-813 magnetometer, 0.05 gamma Date Flown: October, 1985, to February, 1986 Data Provided: Total Magnetic Intensity (IGRF removed) contour map Flight Path Map Reduced-To-Pole of TMI map Vertical Derivative map (optional) Horizontal Gradient (optional) Profiles,

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