Wichita Uplift Survey, (TX) [A1056]

Data for the four individual blocks have been integrated using a grid-based differential continuation onto a sloping plane (1500′ above sea level SE to 3700′ above sea level NW) to produce a single grid over the entire survey area. This gridded data set with maps is available as an optional deliverable.

Wichita Uplift Survey, (TX)

Survey Size:

27,889 line miles

Flight Lines:

Northeast-southwest, 1-mile spacing

Tie Lines:

Northwest-southeast, 5-mile spacing


4 blocks ranging from 1,500 feet to 3,700 feet barometric elevation (see attached map)


High sensitivity optically-pumped Cesium Vapor Magnetometer with 0.25 second sampling

Data Provided:
  • Total Magnetic Intensity (IRGF removed) contour map
  • Flight Path Map
  • Reduced-To-Pole of TMI map
  • Vertical Derivative map (optional)
  • Horizontal Gradient (optional)
  • Profiles, on paper (optional)
  • CD/DVD with Flight Line data and grids
Total Cost:

Please contact for quote.

PDFPDF spec sheet:  A1019_A1056_tx_ok_wichita_uplift_survey_rev-06-08


PDF map: Wichita Uplift Survey (TX) – Imagery

icon_kmz-Document-iconKMZ: A1056_wichita_uplift

SHP download: A1056_wichita_uplift.zip