Getchell, NV [A1018]

Since 1993 EDCON-PRJ has been flying high-definition aeromagnetic surveys in north-central Nevada. Most of the surveys were flown with a line spacing of 200 meters, draped 150 meters above terrain. The data are being sold by 7½-minute quadrangles at a sliding scale cost per line-mile.
Following are the acquisition specifications of each survey, deliverable products, and price lists. The mileage within each quadrangle is shown on the accompanying index map.


A small portion of the survey, indicated on the index map by a dashed line, has a line spacing of a ½ mile. All other specifications are the same.

Survey Size:

1,096 line miles

Flight Lines:

Northwest-Southeast, ⅛-mile (200 m)

Tie Lines:

2½-mile, northeast-southwest


Approximately 500 feet but varies widely

Data Provided:
  • Total Magnetic Intensity (IRGF removed) contour map
  • Flight Path Map
  • Reduced-To-Pole of TMI map
  • Vertical Derivative map (optional)
  • Horizontal Gradient (optional)
  • Profiles, on paper (optional)
  • CD/DVD with Flight Line data and grids
Total Cost:

Please contact for quote.

PDFPDF spec sheet: A1004_A1010_A1018_A1023_A1040_A1046_nv_detailed


PDF map: Getchell_NV

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